Tarot readings can be done as a Live Chat or an Email Report
* unless otherwise noted
Live chat readings are done via Google Hangouts, Facebook messaging, Facetime and more.
Email readings are over 200wordspercard and sent with an image of the cards drawn.
* Any applicable sales tax is included in the price of the reading

Three Card Traditional Reading

emailed report

You choose which spread: 



My readings usually contain over 200 words per card
$18 USD

FIRE represents the action, motivations, the passions & the drive (or lack there of) focused on a situation.
EARTH represents the material & physical realm, what skill and resources are available or needed per the situation.
AIR represents the ideas, the creativity, the inspiration, the intuitive energies surrounding the situation.
WATER represents the emotional aspects, the feelings of joy & excitement that help; or fears and worries that hinder.
SPIRIT represents YOU and how you fit into this situation, what the purpose is of the situation and what your purpose is within the situation.
$22 USD
Which bag has what deck? Let your intuition guide you and surprise us both with the deck that you choose. Just pick a letter to represent the bag and that is the deck I will read with.
The spread I use is what I call 'free-form' as the positions have no defined meaning. All cards work together to present a message just for you.
5 CARDS  $22 USD

Morning Dew: Plans, focus & expectations you have for the moment.
High Noon: Advantageous situations & events.
Afternoon Breeze: Events & situations that will pass or come to a close.
Dusk: Time at home, family & loved ones.
Evening Rain: Dream themes & your emotional weather.
Dark of Night: The time when things unknown to you do their work, represents your fears & uncertainties.
Eye: The quite center where everything around you can be seen.


1) Cornerstone: the foundation, the core.
2) Blueprints: the plan, the structure.
3) Inspiration: the emotions, the desire.
4) Tools: the skill, the resources. 
5) Walls: the challenges, the blockage. 
6) Peak: the potential, the point of it all. 


Conversation with the Fey Tarot Live Chat Reading~
The Fey are a whimsical bunch who have no understanding of fear. The have a colorful manner of speaking that is both amusing and to the point. They can deliver 'bad' news and put a smile on your face at the same time.
During the reading, you will be able to see the cards as the Fey speak to you. The number of cards drawn is depends upon what the Fey have to tell you.
The conversation with the Fey can be over an hour long, up to 90 minutes.
$33 USD
CARD - Self
Represents the person receiving the reading.
It is their personality, attitudes, actions, thoughts and emotions.
CARD - Negative Influences
Represents the forces and energies that are working against the Soul & Spirit.
These can be physical or external sources, some barrier, or personally built walls, fears, insecurities, or enemies. The card expresses those things that are not helping in the situation.
CARD - Positive Influences
Represents the forces and energies that are beneficial to the Soul & Spirit.
These can be talents or and attitudes that are helpful in the situation as well as any associates or events that contribute in a positive way.
$18 USD 

This is another great spread when looking for some clarity and a new perspective on a standing issue. This spread will provide you with a whole new outlook and approach to the situation you are dealing with.

The Basket: What is the burden
The Blanket: What protects you
The Park: Your environment
The Guest: Those around you
The Food: What gives you sustenance
The Wine: How you feel
The Ants: How you are being carried away
The Rain: Washing it all away


This is a very special and fun manner of recieving a reading. If you love to write and have an imagination, then this is the perfect reading for you!
This is done in a storybook fashion; a collaberation between you and me. I start the story, you add a little to it, I add more, you add a little, I add more....and so on. A new 'page' to your story will be added after every reply. I have done these in years past and the way it unfolds is absolutly amazing. This is not just any story either, there is advice and enlightenment to be had. As the story unforlds, surprising and wonderful 'coincidences' arise on a regular basis. As the interaction goes on, more cards will be drawn and added into the story. The story uses at least 4 cards, usually 6, but can be more, as many cards as the story will need.

$36 USD

Dragon Fae Reading
The combo of Fae and Dragons, a delightful pairing that will bring to you an empowering message. They can show you a way of facing your weaknesses and ways to better use your strengths.

1 CARD - $7 
2 CARDS - $12
3 CARDS - $18
4 CARDS - $24