OwlKaMyst reader, Suzanne is also a certified Law of Attraction coach. Certification comes from courses developed by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Steve G. Jones.


There is no step by step, week to week process in developing one's manifestation abilities. Each person is at a different vibrational level and has their own set of needs as well as obstacles that they each face when it comes to being who we are at our fullest potential. Coaching services are based on each individuals needs and future sessions are built upon the previous sessions.  

The first session will be a meet and greet and getting to know each other. This first session will also be an information gathering session. This is where we uncover the things that are keeping you from achieving your dreams. You will also be given the first keys to unlocking your manifesting powers. 

This first session can be 1-2 hours long. 

Introductory price~ $22 USD

How following sessions work; such as meeting times and duration is determined by each persons availability and needs. 

Hourly Rate~ $30 USD

Hourly rate breaks down to increments of 10 minutes at $5 per increment.

To get the most out of coaching, one will need several sessions. When you begin to see things align with your desires, you are almost there. For some it can take only a few weeks, for others it can take a few months. Once you have become an OwlKaMyst Manifestation client, you will always be a client. While you may be manifesting your dreams left and right and do not need coaching, things can happen that lower one's vibration. OwlKaMyst will always be available to you for Manifestation help.


Law of Attraction is not simply for wealth and abundance. It is also about joy and freedom. Before one can even manifest their desires, they must first find within themselves the power of passion, the power of self, and to leave behind all fears. Wealth is not just about money, wealth is also found in the heart and in wisdom. 

Manifestation coaching will help you grow and find confidence and  happiness as well as the new car and home that you have been dreaming about. Everything that you ever wanted is within your power. Let OwlKaMyst help you develop and practice the tools you need to achieve your dreams. 

You are your own genie in a bottle!


To book a session with Suzanne, please send an email with 'Manifestation' in the subject line.

[email protected]